The World's Finest Diecast Models

Being called an "innovative company" by Toy Trucker(1)

means building something new- not just copying the

latest designs. Once again, Tonkin Replicas is on the

leading edge, introducing a new Rackley lowboy to

compliment a growing line of construction oriented

trailers. Based in Stockton, California, Rackley Bilt

Custom Trailers is known for building some of the best

heavy haul trailers on the market. The trailer, part of

Tonkin Replicas Precision Series line, features new

tooling that includes retooled wheels and tires to fit the

unique 16 wheel setup most common for this style of trailer.

Whether you’re a discerning collector who wants the best

or a company who wants to upgrade to the detail that

only 1:53 scale can provide, please contact us by emailing

us at
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