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Custom Diecasting

In addition to our already extensive list of diecast products, Tonkin Replicas is available to work with our clients on custom projects.

Custom diecasting is a long, labor-intensive, and highly specified process. Holding licenses to produce every Class 8 truck in the United States, Tonkin Replicas has been chosen by companies such as Boeing, Volvo and Freightliner to complete projects replicating some of their newest product launches.

Freightliner chose to launch its new M2 with a Tonkin Replicas Precision Series version along side, which required cooperation between the two companies on a strictly confidential project.

In 2005, Volvo followed suit by producing a 1:87 scale version of its new VT880 to help amplify the truck's debut. 

Building every kind of replica from excavating equipment for Ihimer to propane tank trucks for Amerigas to cargo planes for Boeing, Tonkin Replicas can truly produce any project imaginable. Have an idea? Contact us today!
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